NC hunters killed 20,576 turkeys in 2022

Taylor Thomas killed this gobbler in Brunson, SC during the 2022 season.

Duplin County saw the most turkeys killed

Turkey hunters in North Carolina killed a total of 20,576 turkeys during the 2022 spring season, according to NCWRC.

The vast majority of harvested birds (17,217) were mature gobblers. Jakes accounted for 3359 of all harvested turkeys. An overwhelming majority were also killed on private land, with public game lands only accounting for 921 birds.

Duplin County led the way with a total of 748 turkeys killed. Six hundred-and-fifty-six of those were adult gobblers followed by 92 jakes. All but one of those birds were killed on private land. Bladen County hunters killed 569 birds (507 longboards, 62 jakes). Twenty-eight of those were killed on game lands with the remaining 541 killed on private lands. Pender County was a close third with 565 birds killed (489 mature gobblers and 76 jakes). Fifty-three of those came on public game lands and 512 were harvested on private land.

The majority of adult gobblers (17,005) fell to shotguns. Another 121 were killed by bows and 91 were shot with crossbows.

Most of the harvested jakes (3312) were also killed with shotguns. Bow hunters killed 28, followed by crossbow hunters with 19.


Click here to see South Carolina’s turkey harvest numbers for 2022.

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