The best in ducks

North Carolina’s coastal game lands are tops when it comes to waterfowl hunting because of the number of birds using the Atlantic Flyway.

Top areas are along the coast

North Carolina’s best waterfowl hunting for ducks, geese, swans is in the extreme eastern portions of the state, and public-land opportunities reflect that situation. The region serves migrating birds along the Atlantic Flyway every season.


“J. Morgan Futch is the most popular in (northeastern North Carolina),” biologist David Turner said. “We added Texas Plantation north of Futch last year. (We) are working on six impoundments and three blinds are open this season.” Futch also features tundra swans. Both game lands are in Tyrrell County.

Goose Creek

Goose Creek Game Lands, which covers 10,027 acres in Beaufort and Pamlico counties) has seven impoundments, the most-famous being four at Pamlico Point.  The Alligator River Game Lands and the national wildlife refuge of the same name also draw plenty of ducks.


Biologist Chris Baranski said that, in the Piedmont, Jordan and Butner-Falls of Neuse “can swing hot or cold for mallards, teal, a few black ducks and woodies, depending on the weather.” Several impoundments are available, permit-only and first-come, first-serve.

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