Tenpoint adds a new crossbow

The TenPoint Stealth NXT offers big performance in a compact, light package.

Stealth NXT puts the latest technology into space-age archery equipment

As the majority of our hunting population ages, crossbows have steadily moved to the forefront of today’s archery market.

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies has long been a leader in that market. TenPoint continued that tradition for 2018, with new engineering and several new models. The Stealth NXT is the culmination of this technology. With a smaller footprint, new cocking options, and new, premium arrows, it offers a significant upgrade in maneuverability and performance from past models.

The first thing you will notice about the Stealth NXT is its narrow width. At only 11.3 inches axle-to-axle, uncocked, and less than 6.5 inches cocked, this crossbow offers excellent maneuverability and limb clearance. It will be a dream to shoot in confined spaces, whether from a brushy tree, a ground blind, or an enclosed box stand. This offers a huge advantage by increasing hunting opportunities.

The Stealth NXT is only 33.6 inches long, and at only 7.3 pounds, is relatively light for a crossbow. Its 13.5-inch power stroke propels arrows at speeds up to 410 feet per second. All of this with less than one-third of the noise of most other crossbows. The fact that it is so quiet will be key when shooting at jumpy animals like whitetails and will help to offer additional shot opportunities if needed.

The Stealth NXT uses TenPoint’s proven trigger design with a roller sear to reduce both creep and trigger poundage. The automatic MIM safety engages when the bow is cocked, and slides off silently to avoid spooking game. The Dry Fire Inhibitor prevents accidental dry fires.

I found the 3.5-pound trigger pull to be very easy, with very little creep. The semi-open trigger-guard design allows easy access with gloves on, while still providing protection to prevent accidental discharges. The arrow-retaining brush will not break like earlier spring-metal designs were prone to do. The machined aluminum rail and engineered optimum downward string pressure help to extend string life well beyond most other crossbows. The dual flex limbs nearly form a circle at full draw, which helps contribute to this bow’s high arrow speed.

When it comes to cocking methods, TenPoint offers several options for the Stealth NXT. The ACUdraw 50 sled uses ropes with pull handles to reduce draw weight by 50 percent. It uses a winch to crank the string back, reducing the draw weight to 5 pounds. The ACUdraw PRO also uses a crank, but it is 40-percent faster, totally silent, and includes the new ACUtorq handle to eliminate the possibility of over-cranking the bow. TenPoint pioneered the bow-mounted crank cocking device, and they have perfected it over many years.

The Stealth NXT is worth a look for yourself. Its new technology and cool features will appeal to any hunter looking to up their game this year. You will be blown away by how smooth, quiet, and fast this crossbow shoots, and by its accuracy.

Choose a package

The Stealth NXT is offered in two configurations: the Standard and Elite packages. The Standard package includes the TenPoint RangeMaster Pro Scope, ACUdraw or ACUdraw 50 Sled, 3-arrow quiver, and 3 EVO-X arrows. The Elite package also includes the EVO-X MARKSMAN scope and TenPoint STAG hard crossbow case.

With prices starting at $1,449 for a complete package, this bow is affordable for many bowhunters. Both scopes offer variable speed and arrow drop compensation. The RangeMaster Pro has crosshairs and/or dots in 10-yard increments for exact yardages out to 60 yards. The EVO-X MARKSMAN scope has aiming points in 10-yard increments out to 100 yards, for those who want to target-shoot at longer ranges or hunt out West.

Heading downrange:

TenPoint’s new EVO-X CENTERPUNCH carbon arrows offer enhanced strength, accuracy and downrange penetration over other designs on the market. These arrows are fletched slightly offset and are fitted with an 84-grain insert for improved F.O.C. They are constructed of modulus fiber at 33 million PSI and wrapped in an exclusive LAZER-TECH carbon weave, making them the one of the strongest crossbow arrows ever made. These arrows are inspected for a .001-inch tolerance, also guaranteeing near perfect accuracy. Fitted with an omni-nock and receiver for easy lighted nock installation, they are a perfect match for any TenPoint crossbow.

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