Youth huntress kills two Williamsburg County bucks

Williamsburg County bucks
Elli Byrdic wasted no time in killing these two buck on a Williamsburg County, S.C. hunt with her dad.

She shot the first buck before getting to the stand

Nine-year-old Elli Byrdic of Andrews, S.C. killed two Williamsburg County bucks on a Nov. 21 hunt with her dad. She killed the first buck before the hunt even started. And just a few minutes after getting settled into the stand, Byrdic shot another one.

The first buck, a 9-pointer, hit the ground around 4:45 p.m. Byrdic shot the second one, a 6-pointer, at 5:15 p.m. She shot both bucks with a Savage .223.

“She killed both of these bucks within minutes of one another. She killed the 9-pointer first while on the way into the stand. Then she shot the 6-point just a little after getting in the stand with her dad, Trey Byrdic,” said her mom, Heather Byrdic.

Congratulations to Elli. That’s the way to put meat on the table for your family!

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