Millennium Q200 Buck Hut

If you like the idea of a shooting house for a deer blind, but you want one a little more portable than the big, wooden job you hoisted onto that 4×4 platform, the Millennium Q200 Buck Hut may be just what the doctor ordered.

The Buck Hut measures 7-foot-4 wide and 4-foot deep by 7-foot tall, and it weighs just 323 pounds, making it relatively easy to move if you need to, but with a 500-pound capacity. The height makes it perfect for bowhunters who want to stand to shoot, but it fits sit-down hunters with guns and crossbows.

Blind material is a waterproof, heavy duty, soft-shell material, with the frame powder-coated steel. Support legs include two that are adjustable for leveling on unlevel ground, and each stand includes an anchoring kit.

Windows can be shaped and adjusted for rifle, bow or crossbow, and each has an adjustable-height shooting rest.

The overall height is 15-foot-8, and the overall footprint is 11-foot-9 by 8-foot.

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