Millennium M350 Tree Seat

M350 is a hybrid seat/tree stand

The Millennium M350 Tree Seat redefines comfort and convenience for hunters wanting to stay close to the ground, but not sitting directly on it. This portable seating solution offers an exceptional balance between comfort and functionality.

The M350 is designed to withstand the rigors of the outdoors while remaining lightweight and easy to carry. The ComfortMAX seat ensures a comfortable sitting experience, even during long hours of waiting. The adjustable padded backpack straps make transportation effortless. The carrying pouch provides space for your essentials.

Setting up the M350 is a breeze with the included Cambuckle strap and hook, allowing you to quickly and quietly get into position. It’s suitable for various hunting scenarios, from quick setups to extended stakeouts. Whether you’re a mobile hunter or simply seeking a comfortable seat in the wild, the Millennium M350 Tree Seat is a reliable and comfortable companion for your outdoor adventures.

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