Millennium GB100 Buck Blind

If a tree stand isn’t your deer-hunting cup of tea — or if you’ve got a great spot without suitable trees to hang a stand — Millennium Outdoors may be able to solve your problem with its GB100 Buck Blind, a comfortable, roomy ground blind that will fit any hunter — bow or gun.

The GB100 weighs in at 83 pounds; it can be held in place with ground stakes or secured to a platform. The blind is 7-feet-3 by 4-feet to accommodate multiple hunters, and numerous windows can be configured for hunting with a gun, a crossbow or a standard compound bow. Black windows and an all-black interior provide great concealment. Even the entry door in the back doubles as a window to check out your backtrail.

The frame is strong, welded steel, with the a heavy duty, water-resistant outer shell that comes with loops for brushing it up to break up the outline.

MSRP: $427.99

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