Lowcountry sportswoman changes gears


It’s time to hunt in South Carolina’s lowcountry

Deer hunting season starts early in South Carolina’s lowcountry. The 2021 season began Sunday, Aug. 15 in Game Zones 3 and 4. So avid outdoorswoman Rosalyn Ballam of Charleston is hanging up the fishing rod for a while to focus on deer hunting. But she didn’t leave fishing behind quietly. And she didn’t start hunting season quietly either.

Ballam spent Saturday, Aug. 14 reeling in big redfish. And on Aug. 15, she killed an 8-point buck in full velvet.


It’s going to be tough to get her out of the woods now. The next time we see her on the water, it may be during duck season. But if she decides to pick up a fishing rod again any time soon, you can bet a trophy will be on the end of the line.

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