Richmond County hunter kills 12-point beast

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Curt Kindley of Rockingham, N.C. killed this 12-point buck in Richmond County on Nov. 12, 2019.

Deer nicknamed “Mr. Perfect” for very symmetrical rack

Curt Kindley of Rockingham, N.C. killed a Richmond County giant 12-point beast of a buck on Nov. 12. It’s been green-scored at more than 140 inches. Kindley shot the deer from about 90 yards away with a Remington Model 700 7mm. The deer had a very symmetrical rack, plenty of mass, and an 18 1/2-inch inside spread. He and his fellow hunting buddies had a long history with the deer.

“This is a buck we’ve known since he was a yearling. We watched him grow and probably had over 9000 pictures of him over the past couple of years. He kept getting bigger and kept returning, and he started showing up on a lot of different people’s trail cameras,” said Kindley.

The close friends lease a property together and manage it for trophy deer. They follow pretty strict guidelines when it comes to shooting bucks. This has brought good results to the property, including this deer.

“We think this deer was about 4 1/2-years-old, and we don’t shoot anything younger than 4-years-old. We really wanted to see what this deer would do with another year, but it just really blew up in size. Some of the guys started questioning whether we should wait. So we finally decided to put him on the hit list,” he said.

The deer had been nocturnal all season

They put the buck on the list at the beginning of November. But they had a problem. Of all the trail camera photos they had of the buck, none were taken during daylight hours. Kindley and his dad talked at length about it. They figured he’d make a daytime appearance at some point. And they took their best guess as to which stand it would show itself.

“We figured if he’s going to show up in the daylight, he’s going to show up at one of our main stands,” he said.

So on Nov. 12, Kindley got comfortable in the stand he picked out. After seeing some does, a 4-pointer, and a spike, just before dark, he saw a silhouette come out across the field.

“As soon as I put my binoculars on him, I knew exactly which one he was,” he said.

Kindley moved quickly, getting his crosshairs on the deer before darkness overtook the last remaining light of the day. He pulled the trigger, and the deer took off in a sprint.

“He ran probably about 60 yards and he piled up,” he said.

As usual, we couldn’t fit the entire story here. Click the arrow below to hear the full podcast in Kindley’s own words.

The 12-point beast was down, and Kindley called his dad, who came to see the buck. Some of his other hunting buddies showed up as well, several of whom also shot their biggest bucks within two weeks of Kindley shooting his.

“It was pretty awesome for all of us to be there, and we all killed our biggest bucks this year, within two weeks of each other,” he said.

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