NC hunter kills massive 14-point Macon County buck

massive 14-point
Kevin Wike killed this beast on Dec. 18 after a three-year pursuit.

He killed a buck from the same gene pool one year earlier

Kevin Wike of Franklin, N.C. killed a massive 14-point Macon County buck on Dec. 18. The giant buck green-scored 161 3/8 inches. It’s the biggest deer he’s ever killed. And he killed it on the one-year anniversary of a special date. Hike killed a 10-point buck that he believes is his latest trophy’s brother or son on Dec. 18, 2018.

massive 14-point
Here’s a closer look at Hike’s 14-point, Macon County buck.

“I am blessed! Thank you Lord! I took the arrow that I used one year ago, and put a new Muzzy broadhead on it. And the Lord blessed me with the opportunity to take the father or brother. I have hunted him for the past three years,” said Wike.

Wike determined the two deer were from the same gene pool by comparing their racks. Aside from the overall shape being extremely similar, both deer also had split G1s.

He killed the non-typical massive 14-point giant with a Ravin crossbow from about 30 yards away.

After pursuing the buck for three years, Wike was plenty happy. But his wife Kristie Wike may have been even happier.

“We can officially have Christmas now!” she said.


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