Deer hunting with an airgun — is it legal?


It is perfectly legal, and ethical

A few years ago, we wrote an article about Nicholas Thomas of Heath Springs, S.C. killing a big buck with an air rifle. In the days after, we received many complaints from readers telling us it’s illegal to hunt deer with an airgun. Plenty also said it’s unethical. 

But it’s perfectly legal in both Carolinas to shoot deer with air rifles, and it’s perfectly ethical as well. We’re not encouraging anyone to take aim at a buck with a Red Ryder, but today’s air rifles are just as powerful and ethical as any other firearm. Airguns offer many advantages over conventional hunting firearms, and considering one for your next purchase is a wise choice.

Pyramyd Air ( is the leading resource for airgun hunters, and they list laws for hunting all species of game animals in each state. It’s always best to check with whatever state you will be hunting just in case of any recent changes. But instead of simply listing each state’s laws, Pyramyd Air lists the laws, then includes links to the specific airgun hunting regulations of each state’s governing body.

A wealth of airgun knowledge

And that’s only a fraction of what Pyramyd Air offers to new and experienced airgun hunters. Their website contains a wealth of information, including official manuals and schematics for countless airguns and accessories. Their glossary of terms used throughout the airgun industry and product guides are great resources.

Their airgun calculators help determine countless measurements such as muzzle energy, wind drift, retained velocity and much more. The company’s buying guides help you pick the right airgun for your intended application. Not sure of the best airgun for you? Check out Pyramyd Air’s step-by-step quiz to determine your best options.

A highly informative blog with expert tips and reviews, along with some of the most in-depth videos on airguns are also big parts of their website.

When it comes to selling airguns, Pyramyd Air has every brand and caliber you can imagine. Whether you want to plink on paper, hunt squirrels, or step up to deer hunting and even bigger game, Pyramyd Air has what you’re looking for.

See an airgun you like but wish it had just one, two or five modifications? Customize it to your liking with their Build Your Own Guide.

Check out to see why you should consider adding an airgun to your hunting arsenal.

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