Archery shop owner downs 150-class Stokes County buck

Stokes County 150
Archery shop owner Jonathan Brown put this skills to the test, and passed with flying colors on this Stokes County beast.

Archery shop owner put his skills to the test

Lifelong hunter and archery shop owner, Jonathan Brown arrowed a tremendous Stokes County buck during a quick afternoon sit on Nov. 4. Brown had just started hunting on a new club where he quickly made his mark when he drew back on a 150-inch, nine-point buck at 17 yards. 

Brown is owner/operator of Boneyard Archery in Madison, N.C. (336-908-0732). He invests countless hours and days either behind a bow press tuning his customers’ archery equipment or advising clients on how to make a tighter grouping at his in-house bow range. He showed he’s not all talk, and was able to put his money where his mouth is, killing the biggest deer of his life. 

Not too long ago, Brown was invited to join this new club. And he was delighted to accept. He picked an area and spent several days scouting around to find a good spot to set up. It was in an area that was typically used as an observation stand by other hunters. But, Brown quickly fell in love with the location and set up his ladder stand.

“I liked the layout. It’s a spot tucked back in the middle of the farm in a transition area between agricultural fields and a large bedding area along a creek,” he said. “I did some scouting the week prior and I found a lot of good sign.”

On Monday, Brown headed to the stand and saw a doe walking in. With deer already walking, he knew he would be in for a good afternoon.

Nervous does alerted Brown to bigger things to come

Shortly after getting settled, several does showed up, but they all seemed uncomfortable and nervous. Brown knew something was going on. And a few minutes later, his suspicions proved true.

“Two does came up the creek and I immediately saw tines behind them. A good buck was pushing the deer around and running does all over the place,” he said.

The buck grunted a few times and kept running the does around. Then, Brown heard some movement behind him.

“I turned and saw the nine-pointer coming up the trail. He had darker antlers and I knew it was a different deer. I thought to myself, please Lord come in where I can see you better,” he said.

The buck continued walking up the trail and took a gander at the creek bottom where the other buck was chasing the does around. He was close at this point. While the deer was looking away, Brown drew and found a hole in the brush and found the buck’s shoulder. The buck was looking straight down the trail, and looked as if he was going to continue toward the shooting lane.

Buck offers Brown a 17-yard shot

“He walked right into the shooting lane, giving me the prettiest shot opportunity I could ask for at 17 yards. I settled the pin and released the arrow,” he said.

The buck took off running for 70 yards. Brown couldn’t see the buck fall, but he sure heard him crash down next to the creek.

“I made myself wait almost an hour before I recovered him. It was 5:20 p.m. before I got to put my hands on him. He is my biggest buck ever with foot-long G2s, a 16 3/4 -inch inside spread, and a total score of 150 inches,” he said.

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