Coyote enters doggy door, kills family cat

Coyote killed family cat
The homeowner's grandson poses with the coyote that killed the family's cat.

Homeowner shot, killed coyote

Coyotes are a problem for hunters and landowners all across the south. It’s widely accepted that they do a lot of damage to the turkey and even wild deer populations. And they have been known to kill farm animals and even pets.

And last week in a St. Clair County, Alabama home, a coyote entered the basement through the doggy door and killed the homeowner’s pet cat. The homeowner then shot the coyote and killed it.

It all happened around 3 a.m. in the town of Argo, about 30 miles north of Birmingham.

“We have a doggy door on the basement door that my lab and my cat use to get into the house. I was sound asleep and I heard a thump in the basement that woke me up. I was going back to sleep, and the dog got up and ran to the top of the basement stairs and started growling. He had never done that before,” said Roland Collins, the homeowner, when talking to Alabama Outdoor News.

“Basement was covered in blood”

Collins decided to check things out, and grabbed his .380 handgun. He loaded a clip and put a round in the chamber, then walked down the basement stairs.

When he turned on the basement light, the coyote was standing 6 feet away with the dead cat at its feet. Collins said the basement was covered in blood. Startled at his presence, the coyote scrambled to get out of the doggy door, but missed.

“Then he jumped on one of those small refrigerators and jumped on some shelves that were 7 1/2-feet off the ground. He turned the shelf over and fell in the middle of all the stuff. He then ran and tried to climb an 8-foot wall. Then he ran into my workshop side of the basement. When he raised his legs up, I shot out of instinct. He dropped and never moved,” said Collins.

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