Kure Pier cownose

Ian Walker caught this cownose ray at Kure Beach Pier

Ian Walker spends a lot of time fishing all over eastern North Carolina, and loves sharing the success of other anglers with his dad through their Onyx Angler Facebook page. He catches his share of trophy fish during his adventures, and he also enjoys helping other anglers.

He was doing just that in the last few days of March when he caught and/or netted more than 100 cownose rays and other fish reeled in by other anglers.

On one particular day, Walker served as net man for almost the entire time, helping anglers from all over the world catch their first sharks, rays, Spanish mackerel, and other fish on the Kure Beach Pier. Finally, he decided to pick up a rod and catch something himself, and was rewarded with a nice cownose ray of his own.

“I caught it on a drum rig with a piece of cut bluefish after I spent the whole day being a net man,” said Walker.

Cownose rays are some of the more unique rays that inhabit Carolina waters. They have triangular wings and two lobes on the front of their heads. The two lobes are notched, giving its head the shape of a cow’s nose. Like other rays, they are strong fighters when hooked on rod and reel, and are a challenge to catch. They are among the most docile of rays, though they do have barbed stingers which produce a mild venom.

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