Better Fishing with Two Bald Biologists Podcast

Fishing podcast will help anglers catch more fish

Anglers looking to improve their fishing game will find lots of useful information from the Better Fishing with Two Bald Biologists podcast, presented by NCWRC.

Two biologists, Corey Oakley and Ben Ricks, are avid anglers, and the podcast features them discussing topics related to fishing through their own experiences as well as science.

They link the research and surveys conducted by NCWRC to fishing throughout North Carolina. They have plenty of input between themselves, and they also feature expert guests, including biologists, anglers and professionals from the fishing industry. Their overall goal is simply to help anglers learn more about fish, and in turn, catch more fish.

Search your favorite podcast provider for the Better Fishing with Two Bald Biologists podcast, and tune in at your convenience.

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