Ericca Fulghum’s big adventure


Ericca Fulghum went inshore fishing for the second time in her life on May 29, 2022 in Pamlico, North Carolina. She caught a 27 inch trout and monster black drum. She also caught A 23 inch trout and monster red drum which are not pictured. The experienced fisherman, her husband and father-in-law, kept trying to get her to fish their way. She ignored them. However, her mother-in-law was determined to fish like Ericca. This resulted in Ericca‘s mother-in-law being a little too eager in casting back at the end of the day and landing the hook in Ericca’s calf. In that Ericca had to seek medical attention as she was unable to stomach the attempts at pulling the barb out without numbing medication’s, she was unable to get her official citation. Ericca fell in love with fishing that day and the other fisherman on board decided she just has natural instincts of the perfect spot and did not need to do it their way. All she needs is someone to bait her line.

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