New life for lowcountry boat ramp

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Russ Point Boat Landing has been given a new lifeline.

The Russ Point Boat Landing at Hunting Island State Park in Beaufort County, SC, which was scheduled to close for good earlier this year, has been given a new lifeline. It was reopened, temporarily, on June 12.

According to Samantha Queen, director of corporate communications for South Carolina Parks, Recreation and Tourism said the temporary infrastructure repairs to the landing were open for bidding in April. Then in late May, the state awarded the contract to O’Quinn Marine Construction of Beaufort (SC).

“O’Quinn Marine Construction was awarded the contract for the Russ Point Boat Landing Shoreline Stabilization project,” said Queen.

An estimated timeline was not available, but Queen said they are looking forward to seeing progress.

“We were eager to begin construction, and are happy with the contractor’s ability to get this done. We expected tides, water levels, and weather events to impact progress,” she said.

The landing remained closed while members from Hunting Island State Park worked on grading the road to the landing in preparation for O’Quinn’s repair of the facility.

Queen pointed out that the current contract has addressed safety concerns and allowed Russ Point to reopen to the public. However, she said these repairs are a temporary fix.

“These are temporary repairs. Efforts are also in progress to identify a more permanent solution at Russ Point, and the funding required to support it,” she said.

Russ Point is the closest boat landing to the open ocean in South Carolina’s lowcountry. A quick trip through Fripp Inlet puts boaters right in the ocean and headed offshore. Numerous inshore waterways are also available from the landing, and the closest boat landing to Russ Point is on a small creek with limited options for bigger boats.

Russ Point was slated to permanently close earlier this year, but public outcry caused officials to rethink the closure.

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