Heavy weights for bottom-fishing

A variety of lead weights can be used for drifting or bottom-fishing. When paired with a weight trolley, the line will slide, reducing the resistance felt by the fish.

The type of weights used for fishing around inlets where the tidal flow often reaches near-warp speeds, varies depending upon the area being fished as well as who is at the other end of the line. Some weights are better for holding in sand, while others are more adapt at not rolling in the current, alleviating the pesky line twist that comes when using a piece of cut bait.

Pyramid sinkers are a practical choice when fishing water with sandy or muddy bottoms, swift currents and rough conditions. The design of pyramid weights resists tumbling, allowing your bait to get in place and stay there. Pyramid sinkers cast well, sink quickly and won’t damage your line.

Oval or egg-shaped sinkers glide through weeds and rocks and are relatively snag-free. This type of slip-weight is ideal for clean bottom fishing and a standard for Carolina-rigging. Egg sinkers allow anglers to get down deep and allow the line to slide through so fish feel the bait, not the weight.

No-roll sinkers are ideal when fishing rivers or other water bodies with heavy currents. The low-profile, teardrop-shaped design holds the bait in place when other types of sinkers would get caught up in the current. No-roll sinkers can also be employed during high-wind conditions. Like egg weights, no-roll sinkers are slip-style sinkers which are great for bottom fishing.

Trolling weights are excellent sinkers for taking bait rigs down to the deepest zones. Attach your main line to one end and your leader to the other end of the trolling weight, allows you to skip the barrel swivel component often used in bottom rigs. Some trolling weights come with a length of bead chain increase stability. Trolling weights are not designed to drag on the bottom but have shown to work well when a bullet or more streamlined weight is desired. Trolling weights do not allow the line to move freely.

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