Catch more catfish by adding noise to the line

Tony Alexander shows off a Lake Murray blue that hit his Whisker Seeker WST-Rattler rig.

Bass love noisemaking baits, and so do catfish

For the past several years, soft plastic lure manufacturers have been adding rattles to their lures for the same reasons that hard plastic lures have had rattles for eons. Sound adds to a lure’s versatility and attractiveness to fish. But for catfish, well, there’s no practical way to add rattles to live or cut bait, so catfish anglers have gone without sound for long enough.

Whisker Seeker Tackle Company has found a way to add plenty of sound to their catfish rigs though. Many catfish anglers have fished with a variation of the Carolina rig, where they place a floating cork in between the weight and the hook. This elevates the bait just off of the bottom while drifting or trolling. Whisker Seeker now makes that float in a rattling version.

The Whisker Seeker WST-Rattler is more like a popping cork than a regular cork. It makes a ton of noise, is built with 3D fiber optic beads that raise a ruckus which will call the catfish in. And once they see your live bait, stink bait, or cut bait, they’ll be hooked.

Avid catfish angler Tony Alexander, who fishes Lake Murray at least three days a week year-round, said he can tell a difference between using a regular catfish rig with a float, and using a catfish rig with the WST-Rattler. One difference, he said, is in how hard fish hit his bait.

On a trip earlier this week, Alexander hoisted a big blue cat that he’d just caught, and talked about the WST-Rattler.

“This blue cat absolutely hammered the WST-Rattler float rig!” he said.

Alexander then released the big blue and went back to catching more catfish.

For anglers that would rather fish their bait directly on the bottom without using a float, Whisker Seeker also makes the Catfish Versa Rattles. These are available in a variety of colors, and can be used at any place on the fishing line – as close or as far away from the bait – as the angler desires.

The Catfish Versa Rattles add sound and vibration to any catfish rig, making this a very versatile addition to any catfish setup you have, or any cat fishing technique you use.

Click here for information on these and other products from Whisker Seeker Tackle.

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