Riprap is big key at Wylie

Riprapped banks cover plenty of Lake Wylie’s shoreline, and fishermen need to target them in March.

The large rocks that line much of Lake Wylie’s shoreline are called riprap, and plenty of it is submerged below the surface. Marc Deschenes said this creates a food chain that anglers can take advantage of.

“Crayfish love to hide in the crevices, and algae grows along the rocks, attracting baitfish, which attract bigger fish,” said Deschenes, who targets bass around these rocks with a jig and crawdad chunk trailer. The trailer adds size to the jig, aids the lure’s buoyancy and helps it flutter slowly to the bottom like a real crawdad or injured fish would.

“You just let the jig sink to the rocks, and slowly work it back in. Some days, the fish will hit as it’s falling, some days they will hit on a moderate retrieve and sometimes they will hit it when it is barely moving or sitting still,” said Deschenes (843-708-5473), who has plenty of riprap on a seriese of ponds he owns in Summerville called V.I.P. Adventures. “You just have to experiment until you get a feel for what the fish want on that day.”

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