Plenty of opportunity

Boat docks and piers literally line most of Lake Norman’s shoreline, and they’re great spots to target late-winter bass entering the prespawn.

Lake Norman’s 32,475 surface acres, multiple creek arms and numerous coves offers a lot of areas in which to seek these February prespawners.

“That’s what makes Norman such a good lake — you can (catch a big stringer) anywhere on any given day,” said bass pro Bryan Thrift of Shelby. “You have to run enough of the lake to figure out which areas you’re getting bit in on that particular day. It seems that certain sections will turn on from day-to-day. You just have to run into a creek, and if you get bit, you fish everything in that creek.

“I think that’s what makes Norman so fun — you can do just that. Any section of the lake could be going during that time of the year. It seems that when one of the areas is going, it’s definitely better than the others. You never really know which one will be on until you spend the time out there running around and fishing.”

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