How to cast a spinning reel as accurately as a baitcaster

Fishing pro Brian Latimer shares tips to improve your spinning reel game

Spinning reels are great in many situations, but a lot of hardcore bass anglers dislike using a spinning reel. With certain lures and conditions though, they are the best option. One of the biggest complaints among anglers who don’t like them is that they are much less accurate than baitcasting reels.

Baitcasting reels allow anglers to easily control the distance of their cast. The spool is directly under the thumb, so anglers can simply put some pressure on the line to slow down or stop the cast, which can drop the lure on a dime.

But when it’s very windy, or when anglers are using very lightweight lures, baitcasters become difficult. That’s when spinning reels really shine. But it’s not the only time anglers should consider using them.

Professional bass angler Brian Latimer of Belton, S.C. shows us how to get the best of both worlds — distance and accuracy — when using a spinning reel. It’s all in the thumb, he said. And his video does a great job of showing us.

Get more tips from Latimer at his YouTube channel.

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