Fall turnover turns on Falls of the Neuse bass

Joel Munday looks for Falls of the Neuse’s turnover to settle down this month, which should crank up the bass bite. (Picture by Joel Munday)

Bass bite cranks up in October

October should finally usher in the air mass that settles the September turnover and turns on bass fishing at Falls of the Neuse Lake once again. Shad – prompted by the cool down – will begin to fill the creeks where they can be corralled by hungry bass eager to take a bait. Joel Munday of Holly Springs, NC will be hustling to keep up with bass on the move.

“We should start having bass making their way to midway or even to the backs of the creeks,” said Munday (919-669-2959), who runs Outdoor Expeditions USA. “I like to target an area with at least a couple of feet of water on it, adjacent to some deeper water.

“Most of the fish will be on points, secondary or even the main points in a creek. I’m going to be getting into the cover like laydowns or bushes, anything available. But, the fish seem to relate to one kind of cover or another at a given time. If I’m getting bit on a rocky point, I will move on to another rocky point when it’s over.”

Munday will spend a great deal of time chunking and winding a spinnerbait, preferring a Dave’s Tournament Tackle double willow blade in a Tiger Shad pattern with a white or chartreuse split tail soft plastic trailer. He slow rolls the bait, trying to make contact with whatever cover is present, but not dragging it along the bottom. Spinnerbaits are best for overcast days with a little wind and can mimic anything from a small school of shad to a bluegill, depending on the color pattern.

Watch water levels

“If it’s flat calm with bright sun, I’ll work the same areas with a light Texas rig, 3/8-ounce or less,” said Munday. “A Zoom trick worm is a favorite out there. I like the natural colors like green pumpkin or watermelon seed. I won’t spend a lot of time in any one area. Throw it into the cover and shake it. If it gets bit, great. If not, move on.”

Munday notes that Falls is a flood control lake and is subject to rise 4 to 5 feet above normal. If this is the case, he prefers to fish the upper end, where the water will get into the bushes and the bass will follow. If the water is clear and stable, he prefers to fish from midlake to the lower end.

Munday also said to keep an eye peeled for a red hot topwater bite later in the month when schooled up bass are busting shad on the surface. A walking bait like a Zara Spook is his go-to lure.

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