Educational Fishing Trail at Lake Reidsville now open

This NCWRC photo shows fish-attracting structure being placed along the educational fishing trail.

TeIt is North Carolina’s fourth educational fishing trail

North Carolina recently opened its fourth educational fishing trail. Volunteers designed and developed the trails to help educate anglers on catching largemouth bass throughout the year. The newest one opened at Lake Reidsville in Rockingham County.

The N.C. Fishing Trail at Lake Reidsville boasts nine different sites located throughout the 750-acre lake. Fish-attracting structure attracts largemouth bass and other fish to each of the nine spots.

Volunteers placed all the sites in strategic locations that will appeal to bass in different stages of the spawn, and throughout all seasons. Anglers can learn which areas are more productive in each season. They can then apply what they’ve learned to other bodies of water.

“Teaching anglers about seasonal movements of fish can help increase their angling success and make fishing more enjoyable. These principles can be used on other reservoirs, but it is important to remember that each reservoir is unique,” said Bill Frazier, who serves as Conservation Director for N.C. BASS.

Volunteers helped create the trail

Martin Hunter of Wentworth is a Boy Scout with troop 701. With help from N.C. BASS, the NCWRC, and other troop members, he led the construction efforts. This included designing the trail, gathering material to build the fish structures, and installing the attractors.

The City of Reidsville paid for buoys which mark all the fish-attracting structures. The NCWRC helped in all facets of the project, including giving technical guidance, raising money from the Sport Fish Restoration Program, and providing man-hours in building and placing the structures and buoys.

The other three fishing educational fishing trails in North Carolina include the N.C. Fishing Trail at Oak Hollow Lake in High Point, one at Lake-Thom-a-Lex in Lexington, and the trail at Cane Creek in Waxhaw. The NCWRC plans another trail at Lake Wheeler in Raleigh scheduled for this fall.

Lake Reidsville is located at 630 Water Works Road in Reidsville. It is managed by the Superintendent of Parks & Recreation. The lake is open to the public, and has good populations of bass, crappie, catfish, and bream. The lake hosts many fishing tournaments throughout the year. Every year, the Rockingham County Bassmasters Fishing Club sponsors a youth fishing rodeo at the lake.

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