First turkey is a good turkey

Where: Madison Nc along The Dan River
When: Last day of turkey season
Who: Me Chase Hopper and friend

Last chance at bagging a turkey for the 2024 season. We set out to go hunting like we had the past month of Saturdays to try and bag my first turkey. We had got close several times this past year but always seemed something would happen. Blow them outta the trees in the morning or get caught moving and spook them out! And this very morning started like the last several had called in 2 long beards and they was working in and all of a sudden we heard that dreadful pluck and they took off! We were puzzled what had happen we was still as could be and brushed in pretty good I think they got spooked by our decoy set up! Confused and frustrated not knowing what had happen we settled back in and started striking the hanks game call again when a couple more birds behind us fired up they closed in quick but was hung up at the bottom of a bluff just off the side of the hill we were sitting on so I crawled up 20 yards or so to the side of the hill stood up and made a 30 yard shot on my first ever eastern long beard! In excitement I ran down to my bird to realize the 25 pound turkey was sporting a 10 1/2 inch beard and a impressive matching set of 1 3/4 inch spurs which would score him in at 81.00 points in the NWTF scoring system (unofficially)

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