Justin Kepley’s Rowan County coyote

This coyote came in on me opening day of turkey season, 2024. I live in Rowan County North Carolina.
On opening day of turkey season in Cabarrus County, North Carolina, I was doing some calling. I did not hear any turkeys, but I just kept calling here and there. About 9:05 out of the corner of my eye, I saw something flicker in the sunlight. I slowly turned and knew what it was right away. I started doing some soft yelps. The coyote had stopped at about 25 yards, and was pawing at a small wood pile. I yelped a little louder, then he was coming right for me. He got within 10 yards facing right at me, and I took the shot. He went down for a minute before trying to take off, and after the second shot, he was done for.

–Justin Kepley

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