How to remove a skunk from a trap


Cover the trap to keep skunk calm

Whether you’re trapping animals for sport or to get rid of nuisance creatures, there’s always a chance you’ll catch something you didn’t intend to. Such was the case for one of Buck Koon’s neighbors recently. She caught a skunk.

“She was having a problem with feral cats, so she set some traps out and caught a skunk. She called me to see if I could get it out of the trap,” said Koon, of Carolina Crazy Outdoors.

Koon is no stranger to skunks. He was sprayed by one about 20 years ago. He’s never forgotten the unpleasant experience.

“I rode home butt naked. And that tomato juice remedy — I can tell you it doesn’t work. I took three baths in it,” he said.

But he was willing to help out a friend. He also didn’t want to kill the skunk. So he did a Google search and found what he thought was a simple solution. He gave it a try, and captured the experience on video. Check it out, because you never know when you’ll encounter a skunk yourself.


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