Mason Morrison’s Johnston County buck

Good Afternoon,

My name is Mike Parker and I am sending you this picture of a young man named Mason Morrison. Mason killed this deer on private land in Johnston County, NC.

When he shot it with his 30-06, I was with him in the blind with him and he was beyond excited. The only thing he could say was “I Smoked em” Date of harvest was Nov. 3, 2021. It was an 18-inch, 7-point with a small kicker. He dropped in his tracks.

This was the second time Mason had hunted with me, and there was a reason. In August, he was diagnosed with cancer. We had a benefit for him in September to raise money for medical expenses. At the time of the harvest, he was undergoing chemo treatments and was unsure what the future held. I have killed some nice deer in this same location, but this meant more to me than anything I have done in my hunting life. I married into his family a little over a year ago and I wanted to help this fine young man.

He carried it to a local taxidermist, and I followed up with a visit, unbeknown to him, the next day. My wife and I paid for the mount and let him know the circumstances surrounding Mason. He told me that we would have it back before Christmas but not to let others know of his generosity.

We gave it to Mason at a Christmas family celebration on Christmas eve. Just a week before that, he told me that he wasn’t sure that he would ever see it again.

Since then, he has had a PET scan and is now clear of lymphoma. He is also an avid waterfowl hunter and fisherman.

–Mike Parker

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