On December 1, 2023 my dad Buddy Richardson Jr (BJ) killed a monster buck in Rockingham County NC. He called me at work and I had just missed the call so I called him right back. He answered and his voice was shaky seemingly like something was wrong and said I needed to come over after work. Worried and after several minutes of interrogation he proceeded to scream “I JUST GOT THE BIGGEST BUCK I HAVE EVER KILLED. I wanted you to come to the house after work, I want to share this with you.” My dad works so incredibly hard and he is dedicated to God and providing for his family at all times. My dad has only had the chance to hunt four times this year due to work and finally got the break he deserves. After watching a young doe at every hunt this big guy finally followed in. This beast was 14 points with a little scaring and velvet left. Congratulations dad!

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