Dawson Durham’s Rockingham County trophy buck

Hunter: Dawson Durham

County killed in: Rockingham County

Information: I’ve been watching this deer on camera quite often this early season. He was coming in regularly august through September but once acorns started dropping the buck was hard to pattern. And stopped showing up on camera often. I knew I had some oaks near by so I climbed up in my submit climber at the beginning of the week and started seeing multiple deer In the area. I knew all the deer in the area wasn’t going to the corn piles anymore but eating acorns instead. I made a quick adjustment and I climbed back in the tree at the end of the week and before 5pm I seen 2 other younger bucks coming in range and about 30 mins later this big 8 came walking in. I shot with my prime bow and was out the stand before dark.


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