The legend

My brother got pictures of this deer on a piece of property we hunt together three years ago. We knew at that time he was on our hit list.

Year one he got by, year two he disappeared until mid December. When we finally felt the time was right to hunt him, he came in and was broke up so we decided to pass. We was hoping he would come back next year, as 2022 season we wasn’t really focused on seeing him again. But when he showed up we knew we had to try to pursue this deer. As season went, the more the want to connect with this buck was getting.

On Thanksgiving morning I went in with my bow, thought it might be chance to kill him. As it was getting later in the morning my brother texted and said he was getting down because he hadn’t seen anything. I texted him back and said you’re crazy, as I was putting my phone back in my pocket I heard a deer walking and just knew it was him. Sure enough it was him. He offered a great shot opportunity. I took the shot and as I watched the deer run, I thought I heard him crash, so I waited until my brother got to me to track him and sure enough “the legend” was finally down about one hundred yards from where I shot him.


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