Montgomery County 11-point buck goes down

11-point buck

A bonus coyote came with the 11-point buck

Stephen Eller of China Grove, N.C. was hunting with his CVA muzzleloader on the morning of Oct. 30, 2021 when he killed a big Montgomery County 11-point buck. The deer has been green-scored at 140 6/8 inches.

Eller’s trail camera had captured a photo of the deer a week prior to his hunt. But he never saw it in the flesh until the day he killed it. He was sitting in a box blind 10 feet off the ground when he shot the 11-point buck at 65 yards.

This all happened after Eller thought he may have squashed his chances at seeing any deer worth shooting. He shot a coyote right at daybreak.

11-point buck
Eller killed this coyote at first light, and though his hunt might be over until the 11-point buck showed up.

“It was the opening day of muzzleloader season, and I had a coyote coming in on the regular. So I had already made up my mind that when I saw him, I was going to kill him,” said Eller. 

And that’s exactly what happened

“Right at daylight, I look up and here comes the coyote. So I shot him,” he said.

He was glad to be rid of the invasive predator, but wasn’t sure if any decent deer would come around after hearing the shot. But he decided to stick around and see.

“Thinking my hunt is more than likely over, 20 minutes later a small 5-point buck strolls out and is eating corn. So I’m sitting looking at him through my binoculars and out of nowhere the big buck steps out around 15 yards behind the corn, broadside,” he said.

Eller wasted no time getting the big buck in his sights and pulling the trigger. The deer ran about 90 yards before going down for good.


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