Mark Headen’s Yadkin County bruiser

Yadkin County bruiser was 6-years-old

We have had this deer on camrea for 5 years he was a 6 year old or better. My buddy had named him Brutus and it stuck. We had been getting some pics of him off and on. Saturday, Nov.26 I seen him from the stand but didn’t have no good shots as I bow hunt all season round. The pressure had really picked up once gun season come in with some new hunters in the area. I really had to buckle down or someone else was going to get him. I got in stand the morning of Dec. 1. He come through at 7:24 and give me a broadside shot at 25 yards. I thought I hit a touch low so was going to give him a little time. After 2 hours I got down to check my arrow. Got on blood trail and he didn’t go but 60 yards. This deer is a true blessing but kind of bitter sweet to have watched him so long and now he is gone. A Yadkin County bruiser.

–Mark Headen

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