Jigsaw the 9pt buck

Christopher Rivas
Hometown: Parkton NC
COUNTY OF hunt: Cumberland
Date and time of hunt: nov 4 17:30
Mathews V3X 29
9pt 145 lbs
I had seen this deer two weeks prior to killing him in person but he was at 65 yards behind a fallen tree and walked off into the thick brush. I didn’t have trail cam pics of the deer prior to seeing him but I met a couple guys in the area that did have pics of him. On the day I killed him I ended going out scouting with one of the guys I met and we found some good sign, I kept pushing deeper into the area to scout as my buddy set up on a ridge with scrapes and rubs. I find a ridge that dropped off into a draw and has a good transition line of shrub oaks into open pines. I was set up in a saddle and around 1720 I let out a doe bleat and grunt sequence. At this time my buddy who set up on the ridge from earlier had shot a doe already. About 10 mins later I hear some leaves crunching around 60 yards and I look up to see a big body deer, with my binos I could see it was the big buck walking right to me. He worked his way into the shrub oaks and popped out on my left side going up the ridge at 25 yards. From my nerves I didn’t make the best shot and hit his gut. I watched him walk away at about 100 yards and down the ridge. I backed out that night and called a dog the next day. We went to the shot sight and the dog cooper from low to ground recovery. Quickly picked up the scent and lo and behold the buck was dead on the slope of ridge where I saw him walk down the night before. I was so grateful he didn’t go far. At the end this deer was special because not only did I meet some new hunting buddies but I had a great experience and learned some valuable lessons for next season

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