James Craine’s first deer

My son’s first deer

My son, James Craine killed him at 5:15 on 1/2 the last evening hunt of the year, just 2 days after his 9th birthday. He swore at the beginning of the year he was going to kill his first deer this year, and we were starting to believe it wouldn’t happen. We had several missed opportunities with nice deer, and he passed on many deer wanting a “good buck”. Shot him at 125yds with a .308 by his self sitting on my knee, with my best friend helping him get the gun positioned right in the window because it was too heavy for him to pick up. He was an old deer, that broke his leg, seen hobbling during rut still chasing does. He weighed in at 185 pounds, and he dropped him in his tracks. Buck fever bad him shaking for 45 minutes!

I’d love to have an article about him to frame next to his deer when we get him back. Thanks, from a proud dad.

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