Emmerson Adams doubles up on bucks

My daughter, Emmerson Adams, killed her two biggest bucks to date on the same hunt in Stokes County, NC on Sept. 23, 2023. What makes this hunt memorable is that we didn’t realize she shot two different bucks.

The wide 8-point was the deer we were after, as he had been a regular on the Tactacam trail camera. The smaller 8-point came in first, but we were waiting on the wide 8pt to show up.

After several minutes of watching the smaller buck, the bigger 8-point showed up and ran the other buck out of the corn. With the target buck in sight (smaller buck was off to our left, but we couldn’t see him) she took aim and fired a shot. After the shot, we never saw a deer run, only a deer still standing in the bait pile broadsided. His head was behind a tree so we thought she had missed on her first shot and the bigger 8-point was still standing there.

After chambering a new shell in her .243, she took aim and shot again. We watched the deer run over the hill and out of sight. After about 15 minutes it started to rain so we went and looked in the direction the deer ran. It didn’t take long to see the deer laying about 75 yards away.

As we walked up to the deer we realized it was the smaller 8-point. We both looked at each other with confused looks. We thought it was going to be the wide 8-point. After finding the first deer, we decided we better look in the opposite direction for the wide 8-point. It didn’t take us long to find him as well. She made two perfect shots on both deer.

Only thing we can figure out is when she shot the bigger buck, it ran to our left and the smaller buck came from the left and stopped in our shooting lane. It happened so fast it’s like they just switched spots. Although we were only after the wide 8-point it is a hunting memory that we will never forget, and a story we can tell for a long time. It was a great morning sharing the blind with my daughter!

–Mitch Adams


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