Eastons Early Christmas Present

Hunter : Easton Lankford
age 9
email: caudleconstruction@yahoo,com
Hometown: Mocksville NC
County of Kill: Yadkin
Easton Lankford 9 year old Kills 8 point buck in Yadkin County with his Grandpa, Andy Caudle. (STORY AS TOLD IN EASTON’S WORDS}
Easton was in a 2 Man Box stand on November 15th with at around 5:06 pm, when his Grandpa Andy, spotted the deer 30 yards behind them with only the antlers in view sticking out from behind a tree. The deer starts to move and he has a big doe with him. The deer finally moves in a broadside postition, Easton had to open a window in the stand that made plenty of noise and he for sure thought that would spook the deer. When the deer heard the noise he stayed put but looked straight at Easton. Easton got his 6.5 Creedmoor to the window and in position and took the shot. He hit the buck right in the lungs .. the deer took off running and made it about 250 yards and dropped. Easton was thrilled with his 2nd and final Buck of the season.

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