Dallas Dellinger kills Montgomery County 13-point buck

Dallas Dellinger
Charlotte NC hometown
Killed in Montgomery county November 21, 2023
3:00pm with Barnett Hyperlite 405 crossbow
Weight unknown
Score unknown
This Buck showed up last year on a 100 acre private track that a friend and I hunt mid rut. He showed up November 14, 2022 one evening on camera and I only got one photo of him at 3:00am. That was the only photo of him until this year November 18, 2023 when he showed back up on camera at 3:00am. I personally hunted for the next 3days through rainy weather and saw him a couple times but never was able to make a shot personally. I called my hunting partner and told him he should go sit the afternoon Nov 21 after i hunted all morning with a steady rain. The rain slowed down mid day and I called him again to tell him not to miss his chance. He got in around 2:00 and had a doe bed down near him 15min after getting in blind and is now texting me on my way to work at 2:45 to let me know he has him walking into shooting range with a doe bedded down in front of him. He took the shot at 20yds from a ground blind. I left work to get there around 5:00 to help with the track. This is when things got interesting. I ended up jumping the Buck 150yds away from blind and my boy was fortunately given the opportunity to take one more fatal shot. Glad I was able to assist tracking this guy. What I consider a true NC mature Buck.

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