Cade Ransom’s Bladen County 10-point


I have been following this deer in Clarkton, NC for the past two seasons, by using my Tactacam Reveal trail cameras, as I have never seen this deer on hoof.

On the morning of Nov, 12, 2022 it was warm with a chance of rain. I sprayed down with Nose Jammer before heading to my lock on. As I got in my stand and got settled in, I sprayed a couple of lite burst of Evercalm certified heat bomb in hopes of enticing him in as my camera had caught him in there earlier that morning.

Patiently waiting in my stand, I caught a glimpse of a cow horn approaching my stand. He fed for a few minutes and then walked off disappearing into the thicket. It was going on 8 a.m. when I then noticed a doe approaching my stand from my right. She stopped to freshen a scrape as she turned her head to the thicket, there he stood.

The doe then walked to the corn pile and he was not far behind grunting. I grabbed my Mathews Triax off the bow hanger and waited for the perfect shot. I drew back my bow as he was walking into an opening. I stopped him at 15 yards and let the arrow fly.

He took off running to crash approximately 100 yards away. the Rage broadhead did its job. This is my biggest buck to date and I couldn’t be happier.

–Cade Ransom

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