120 4/8-inch Halifax County stud

I killed the biggest buck of my life at the age of 16. He scored 120 4/8 inches. I wasn’t going to go that day, but my gut told me to. So I went. It started to get dark so I was going to get down, but I heard something running through the cutover. So I waited it out. After 5 minutes passed, I seen two does run out, then I seen a big body deer which I knew it was a buck. So I looked at him and seen he was nice. I stopped him and dropped him. I ran down there with my shotgun cause something told me to, so when I got down there, he jumped up so I shot him again. Then I chased him down and never really realized how big he was until I shot him a 2nd time with the shotgun. I killed him still hunting in Halifax County, NC.

–Mason Moyer

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