Nick Reynolds and David Caldwell’s 32-pound golden tile fish

Nick Reynolds and David Caldwell 32 lb tile fish

Hey Im Nick Reynolds from the upstate of South Carolina. My Friend David Caldwell and I have been going on fishing trips for the past 14 years mostly out of Charleston SC. Some of our favorite places to fish is the ledge for big Grouper ,snapper and other deep drop species.
We have been deep dropping in 600 to 800 feet of water over various mountain ranges. Thanks to Cmore mapping we have really dialed in our deep drop. Here in the past few months we have caught some really big deep drop grouper species, we caught a 35 lb snowy grouper, 21 lb yellow ledge, a 52 lbs Warsaw that we released and our recent exotic deep dweller golden tile fish of 32 lbs was caught 6/29/24.
We catch all these on Mr. Caldwells reliable 32 foot Boston Whaler newly equipped with Suzuki engines. Also the electronics has really come a long way, on our furuno we have Cmore mapping which is a game changer! Another key tool is the electric reel we use for catching these fish and getting them
up fast so sharks or other bigger fish don’t eat them before getting them to boat.

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