Help saltwater fishery, get a tax break

Donate your family chariot to CCA-NC and help N.C. fisheries and get a tax break.

Donate old cars, boats, trailers to CCA-NC

Want to lower your taxes and help saltwater fishery resources in North Carolina at the same time?

It might be too late for 2008, but try donating a car, boat or trailer to the Coastal Conservation Association of  North Carolina by calling a toll-free number, 1-877-CCA-1775, or by going to a link at the CCANC web site

“This extra money will stay in North Carolina to help further our efforts,” said CCA-NC assistant director Jim Herold.

“Donating (boats trailers, campers etc.) is an excellent way to get rid of old vehicles you don’t want. The biggest problem most people face when buying a new vehicle is what to do with the old one.

“There are three basic options: trade it in, which usually means getting less than what it’s worth; sell it,  which means a lot of inconvenience; or repair it, which many people are not in a position to do.

“However, there’s a  third option — donating your vehicle to a worthy cause.”

A donated vehicle means getting an itemized tax deduction (which could be very timely for some before year’s end) for its full, true value while helping CCA-NC which in turn helps saltwater fisheries resources.

CCA-NC has partnered with a company called Charitable Auto Resources (CARS), which makes vehicle donation completely hassle free, fast and easy.

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