Can coyotes pay off? Will deer tags pass?

South Carolina’s state legislature has gotten 2016 off on an interesting foot, putting into play a very unique measure aimed at reducing the population of coyotes in the Palmetto State. At the same time, it knocked down one attempt to revamp the management of whitetail deer. […]

NC Marine Fisheries

Daniel deserves a respectful send-off

Years ago, when I was a newspaper reporter, still looking into the future to my 30th birthday, I wound up covering a minor-league hockey team. It was sort of fun, and it gave me an opportunity to use all my high-school French on the French-Canadian kids. […]


Dreams of turkeys; the season is here

It has been 25 years since I first began turkey hunting in a serious fashion. I remember because I had to turn down my first invitation to hunt because my wife had her first hint of labor pains with our youngest daughter the night before I was supposed to go to the mountains and chase a gobbler. […]