Lifetime Buck

Jordan Barnes isn’t a run-of-the-mill 10-year-old boy.

And the whitetail buck he met one afternoon in a Rockingham County cutover wasn’t a run-of-the-mill 10-pointer. […]


Mountain Magnets

Ginny’s high tail, flaring nostrils and the intensity of her point told me she had a snoot full of bird scent.

As I walked to her point, a thunder of wings broke from the briar tangle to my right. The bird was gone before I could get my gun to my shoulder. […]


Pork, Big Bucks Stop Here

While N.C. legislators wrangled with pork-barrel spending from a $2.1-billion surplus, Luke Vande Guchte of Wake Forest knew what his family would be spending some of their money for – a taxidermy mount of his first big-antlered buck deer. […]


Basket Racks to Rocking Chairs

Some white-tailed deer hunters like to place their stands atop ridges; some prefer hardwood slopes with dropping acorns; and some set up close to scrapes or where they’ve discovered big rub trees. […]


Bear Boom

For Robert Chapman, it’s all about the dogs.

In 40-plus years of traipsing the mountains of Upstate South Carolina, he has shot only a handful of black bears, but that’s of little consequence. […]


Rutted Adjustment

As I grow older, the amount and type of stuff that stays stuck in my mind like pluff mud on hip boots is amazing. This is particularly true when it comes to details regarding hunting. […]