Honkers at Home

The goose calls came from the east, directly behind five hunters hidden at a fence line that bordered a stand of hardwood trees in Orange County. […]


Bushytail Lessons

For decades, squirrel hunting has been a rite of passage for young hunters.

A first .22 rifle or shotgun was proudly carried into the woods with dad for that first hunt. […]


Plotting for Bears

The tradition extends back in time to when settlers first came to North Carolina’s western mountains.

Today those traditions survive in the names of hollows and creeks in the Blue Ridge; dog breeds such as Plotts, Walkers and Blueticks; and hunters standing near an early morning fire to ward off the chill. […]


The Feel of Steel

Floodwaters left by Tropical Storm Ernesto were still rising, but that didn’t prevent several dozen hunters from finding a refuge from their day-to-day cares on opening day of the 2006 dove season. […]


Food, Fellowship, & Feathers

More than a quarter of a century ago, a then-young fellow named Roy Turner called me and chatted a bit about some management efforts that he and his father, along with a few other hunters, had undertaken on family property. […]



There’s an old saying you should be careful what you wish for because you might get it. […]