Roanoke stripers running

If it’s April, dogwood blossoms in North Carolina must be “as big as a squirrel’s ear” and striped bass will migrate inland — or at least that’s what old-time Roanoke River anglers say. […]


Spoon-feed Murray’s stripers

Some folks call it bottom-bumping, some perch-jerking, and some just call it spooning. No matter your preference, the technique of vertically jigging a spoon is definitely something striped bass fans should be doing this month on South Carolina’s  Lake Murray. […]


Lake Rhodhiss pothole stripers

For striped bass ranging from 12 to 30 pounds this month, guide Joe Jobin of Xtreme Striper Fishing (704-240-0165) spends his time on Lake Rhodhiss, playing in the sand and trees from the NC 18 bridge upstream to the mouth of the St. John’s River.