Deep Santee Cooper bream

Bream aren’t often a primary target of anglers this time of year. And while it’s true that they aren’t as easy to find in November as they are in spring and summer, they are worth looking for — and not that difficult to locate as long as you know where to look. […]


Fall Sleepers: Harris and Secession

When asked to pick a sleeper lake for fall crappie in North Carolina, Ed Duke recommended Shearon Harris, just southeast of Jordan. Duke said the lake is not big by reservoir standards, around 4,000 acres, and it’s not really deep, which makes it easier to fish that other lakes. […]


It’s slab time on Murray

Fishing for crappie on South Carolina’s Lake Murray starts picking up in early October and gets better week by week through the fall until it peaks, usually around Thanksgiving, according to guide Brad Taylor. […]


How to catch deep-water panfish

Bluegill and shellcracker are easy to find in the spring, and as summer begins to give way to fall, they become predictable again, but in a different way, according to Jay Summers, who fishes bodies of water — big and small — across both Carolinas. […]


Tree huggers now!

Early September can be a bit like August, but the nights are cooler, and that brings water temperatures down in Santee Cooper’s Sparkleberry Swamp. […]


Summer is great for pop-up bluegills in the Carolinas

Deep in the heart of every southern angler’s roots is the beginning of a lifelong journey to catch fishy foes in flooded landscapes. Some cut their teeth along oyster-lined shorelines. But many got their feet wet with hand-sized copperhead bluegill on the end of their line in ponds, rivers and other lily pad-infested waters. […]


Brush will hold crappie

August delivers “crappie consistency” to the Santee Cooper lakes. With water temperatures near or at the zenith for the year, slabs are ganged up around identifiable underwater targets in both Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie.