Running the slab spawn

Saltwater fishermen often run the tide, moving from spot to spot within a bay or coastal creek to take advantage of a certain water depth where fish are biting. […]


Crappie on a different plane

By the time March rolls around, crappie fishermen across the Carolinas are chomping at the bit for waves of slabs to invade the shallows. And even though tight-line and long-line trolling techniques are proven winners, guides like Brad Taylor of Batesburg, S.C., are adding another wrinkle, using planer boards to spread baits out even farther from the boat and access territory otherwise out of reach. […]


Feeling blue? You betcha!

If you wanting to get your string stretched to the limit by a big catfish in cold weather, you’ll be hard pressed to do better than South Carolna’s Lake Monticello. It is an real wintertime catfish destination for a couple of very good reasons. […]


Top to bottom winter slabs

Crappie, just like anglers, are looking forward to the spring weather. But that doesn’t mean they won’t bite now. Anglers can catch a pile of slabs in February, especially if they follow these tips. […]


Cold yaks, hot reds

Approaching the mouth of a creek, Noah Lynk warned a handful of kayakers that the water would be shallow, that they might bump bottom a time or two, and that they would have to wade back across it when the left — but he was certain the fishing would be worth it. […]


Late is great – North Carolina’s big-water ducks

The last leg of the North Carolina’s duck season is here, promising what is likely the heaviest month of duck activity. Although many birds have already been schooled by barking shotguns, a savvy hunter can still bring them down, and there’s no better place to fill a limit with a variety of ducks than the Pamlico Sound and the southern Outer Banks. […]