Inshore Fishing

Take winter precautions

The highs were expected to reach the lower 50s, with little to no wind. Deer season had passed, and duck hunting was pretty much restricted to Saturdays. […]

Small Craft Advisory

Paddle up waterfowl

Years ago, in the back of a lake near home, my father took me on my first duck hunt. The water was cold, the world was dark, and paddling the wooden johnboat deep into the swamp was tiring. […]

Inshore Fishing

Take paddling precautions

The kings and Spanish mackerel were hitting strong over the past week, likely the last good run for the year. The ocean was tame, making for an easy surf entry and paddle on the kayak.  […]

Bass Fishing

Look to river smallmouth

The river water was clear and flowing smoothly. The paddle downstream was easy. The sandy bottom, highlighted with dark rocks, provided the perfect backdrop to spot the silhouettes of the fish swimming in the breaks. […]

Inshore Fishing

The lure of the Roanoke

Seventeen rivers flow through North Carolina, and while each has its unique characteristics and attractions, for a paddler, the Roanoke has to be near the top of the list. […]

Small Craft Advisory

Paddle up a gobbler

Late-season gobblers can drive a hunter insane. They become wary of the same old calls from the same old spots in the same old fields. […]