NC Marine Fisheries

Daniel deserves a respectful send-off

Years ago, when I was a newspaper reporter, still looking into the future to my 30th birthday, I wound up covering a minor-league hockey team. It was sort of fun, and it gave me an opportunity to use all my high-school French on the French-Canadian kids. […]


Can’t this crowd get anything right?

I hate to think it has devolved to this level, but I’m beginning to expect really, really bad news every time something that’s the least bit controversial with regard to wildlife or fisheries in North Carolina appears on the state legislature’s radar.  […]


Poacher’s big lie will never go away

Sometimes you wonder what hold a big whitetail buck has over a hunter. Some of us stay up nights thinking about that big 10-pointer in our trail-camera photos, figuring out ways to put him on the wall over our fireplace. […]